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I'm a Calendar... Duh!
Oct. 31st, 2013 @ 06:39 am A post
I was looking through photo shop fails on a site and I sort of really feel sorry for these girls. I have never once felt the need to doctor a photo of myself for others to say omg! to me. My friends know what I look like.... And if I am having a fat day or week or month, I will either just not take a photo... or just freakin take one of my face.. hahha. Wait I have a confession, I lied. I DO sometimes draw expensive parrots on my shoulder because i can't afford or care for a real one. And I guess a couple more things................but never have I had to grow my boobs or shrink my gut and butt. People know who I am...........and only I can be me. Fat, skinny, tall, short, pale, tan, good smile, bad smile. I am the only me. Why change it? (except for aforementioned parrot and maybe a hat and eye patch?)PS; this is an old pic. I am a bit more girthy at the moment now......(stress fat for real)..... but that is why the recent pictures haven't been of my body, right?! lmao!

The moral is, after an extensive ego centric post: Love yourself! Nobody can ever be you... So you are the best you by default... There isn't a trophy, but its not like you have a trophy case..... and if you have a trophy case..........sorry, there still isn't a trophy. Just the most fulfilling life you can make for yourself. Don't spend precious moments making yourself something for others to enjoy. I may sound crazy because I think better than I articulate... but take it in however you want! (and smile bitches!)ilie
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May. 15th, 2011 @ 01:59 pm So life is taking some turns.
Current State Of Being: bouncybouncy
After a brief break, Chuck and I got back together again.. up until yesterday. I finally had to break it off.. Things got too complicated and upsetting.

I have been unemployed since October, and found out that I have severe degenerative arthritis. I also have like 7-8 mental disorders confirmed. Life is getting hectic!

I got a bigger house last year and I am working on keeping it as I want it..

Chris is getting so big now! He will be five in July.. Holy cow!

I also have 2 dogs now. A chihuahua named Jake, and a Maltese named Alice.

Does anyone use this anymore? If so, HOLLA!
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May. 8th, 2009 @ 06:10 am Howdy yall
im back to say hi. I havent update for awhile. I just popped in. Most of my friends removed me due to non posting i guess... oh well.

im doing well. kinda in a relationship with Chris' dad again but im not sure it its gonna work out because hes kinda taking life for granted and it makes me mad. Speaking of Christoper

he is 3'2", weights 32lbs, and i dont know what his head measured but he is in the 75th for everything (well on a 3yr old chart) and my doctor said he is doing great and blah blah he did get a shot and so I got him a soft serve for being a big boy (he cried less than his 8yr old cousin) I am such a proud momma. :D

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Jul. 7th, 2008 @ 11:24 pm Eye Appt
So Christophers doc said his eyes appear to be improving. He has great vision but sadly he has DWAYNES SYNDROME which causes an eye to become dominant... thus a lazy one develops. He is so funny though. After taking him to the doc.. where I broke the rules and lifted him several times (sorry to my surgeon dr. bernstein) I took him to toys r us because theres a toy crane thats play til you win for a buck. Chris scored on that one.. haha. Cute lil turtles and puppies. Anyhow. I got some good pics of him.

I cannot get him to take off that sponge bob shirt. This is day 2. I am forcing it off him tomorrow morning though.. He throws fits if I put on any other shirt but that. I don't want daycare to think hes a hobo though so he is not going to school twice in a row with it on. LOL. I gotta find the other sponge bob outfit.

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Jul. 2nd, 2008 @ 08:46 pm WANTED: GOOD HOME FOR LOVED DOG

I need to find him a good home. I dont give him dedication he needs so he rebels. Hes a newfoundland/lab and is 1yr old male neutered and microchipped. Comes with his toys and whatevers left in his 50lb bag of food. Name is Rogue. He is big... 100lbs and possibly going to get bigger...
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Jul. 2nd, 2008 @ 07:51 pm Chris turns two tomorrow!!!!!!!!1

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Jan. 13th, 2008 @ 01:43 pm An little update for you all......

Christopher will be meeting his dad in about 3 days, yes.. Chuck is actually coming back this time for real. It took him 3 months to get an airline ticket but its happening. It will be good to see him again. Of course once in awhile apprehension does kick in, but come on. I havent remained single for 2yrs+ for no reason.

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Nov. 23rd, 2007 @ 06:49 pm so uhm how do i say this?
Chuck is coming back to wa and wants another go at things.. dunno when hes flying up but i dont know if the hesitation/fear outweighs the relief/okayness...
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Oct. 22nd, 2007 @ 06:03 pm Stuff
What Your Halloween Habits Say About You

You love the drama of Halloween. You definitely like to have the best costume around - and everyone noticing you.

No one quite understands you, but everyone also sort of worships you. And that's exactly how you like it.

Your inner child is open minded, playful, and adventurous.

You truly fear the dark side of humanity. You are a true misanthrope.

You're prone to be quite emotional and over dramatic. Deep down, you enjoy being scared out of your mind... even if you don't admit it.

You are a traditionalist with most aspects of your life. You like your Halloween costume to be basic, well made, and conventional enough to wear another year.

dont read this
Current mood: hopeful

well lately... i been thinking alot about how long i have been "alone"(out of an official relationshipual status). I figure that someday soon i hope to change this. I think i am ready-- but most of me is still scared and untrusting when it comes to guys and stuff... I dunno. i am kinda lame like that i guess. Its been two years almost since i have called anyone my boyfriend...LOL! in that sense i maybe overdoing it but i guess I am just too hard on things esp since now any relationship I put myself into is one that Chris will be involved with as well. oh well, it will happen-- but i have noticed that christopher really wants a guy around... it makes me want to rush it alittle but i know better. There are just a couple of guys I trust and could see myself trying a relationship with-- and that seem to like my son enough to be someone i see as a good role model and good person.. BUt for now i continue just looking and or having fun as I continue to wait for things to move forward in my life in that chapter of my life. I am actually not feeling too bad about it now that i spilled it out here.
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Jun. 6th, 2007 @ 05:38 am Just a thing i noticed
I got this mirena in october, and since then ive aged a bit, and i dont get my periods anymore.

It makes me feel weird to not have a period-- but I guess they said thats what it does.

Chris is walking now, and he can say "I love you" and he knows what it means!! He will be a year old next month!
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